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Official Website address is www.computerassetsuk.co.uk

Computer & Laptop Centre Ltd. is a retail specialist company based in North London. 


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At The Computer and Laptop Centre, we provide sales, services and repairs of computers, laptops and Apple devices.

Computer & Laptop Centre extends direct services to customers. Our base of professional user laptop PCs range from Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba. 

For our customers we offer advice with our specialist team for tech support. Trade occurs weekly with computing managing sales coordinator at Stratford Computer trade fair


- Need an upgrade for memory, virus removal or password removal? 

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Why Choose Computer & Laptop Centre?

Great Low Prices - Competitive pricing on all Computer and laptop sales and repairs. 

Easy Online Ordering – Fill out our contact  form and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.​

Efficiency/Quick Delivery – We strive to provide services to our customers  as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our services available 5 days of the working week​.

Warranty – All online product purchases come with a minimium 3 months warranty, (unless specifically stated otherwise), and all hardware services comes with a minimium 28 days warranty.